Start Node Virtual Campus of Public Health in Ecuador

On 24 February in the city of Quito, Ecuador, was the official ceremony to launch the Node VCPH-Ecuador with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Health chaired by Dr. Carmen Laspina Deputy Minister, Dr. Celia Riera Representative PAHO and the presence of the deans of the universities that make up Node 8 and their respective technical teams.

Prior to the launch will be a meeting at the Ministry of Public Health with the Directors of Science and Technology and Human Resources and their respective teams, which was also attended by engineers appointed by the MSP as VCPH-node Webmaster Ecuador.

The meeting discussed the strategy of the 1560 professional training in primary care for their training as specialists and the future role of the node of campus in this national program.

One of the first actions of the node is a national course tutors, from the latest version of the regional course.